SSO solutions with Jasig CAS

JITLOGIC provides customized SSO solutions based on Jasig Central Authentication System software.

Consulting and Implementation. Implementing CAS solution in organization requires significant amount of work across affected applications and infrastructure. JITLOGIC provides skilled technical consulting for assistance in all phases of CAS planning/implementation.

Branding and Customization. We offer design and implementation of customized user interface, tailored to your organization (branding) and customizing login flow to match customer's requirements.

Application Integration. We offer application integration for CAS - including development of customized login modules for specific applications.

Production Support. We offer third line support services for CAS administrators. This includes preparing updates, solving production issues and development issues of both CAS server and application integration modules. We provide support to your urgent cases and development needs. Changes in CAS code resulting from support calls will be contributed to Jasig whenever possible.

Custom Development. We offer development services of custom CAS components and application integrations. Components adjusting credential validation, changing login flow, enriching returned credential information will help adapting CAS to customer environment.

For more information about our CAS-related services and support, contact us.