Zorka Monitoring Agent

JITLOGIC Zorka is an universal and powerful monitoring agent for Java application servers. Zorka is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular monitoring systems (such as Zabbix, Nagios or SNMP systems) instead of replacing them, so administrators can greatly improve capabilities of their favorite monitoring systems instead of adding yet another monitoring server to their infrastructure.

Programmability. Agent can be extended using beanshell scripts, which makes adding new functionalities and integrating with existing monitoring system easy.

Bytecode instrumentation. Zorka features very powerful and configurable instrumentation engine (aka Zorka Spy) capable of fetching arbitrary data from instrumented methods, processing presenting results in arbitrary ways. It can be used not only as performance monitoring - implementing artbitrary AOP-like functionalities (eg. audit logging) on unmodified applications is also possible.

Tracer. Low-overhead method call tracer is also provided by Zorka instrumentation engine; along with Spy engine, it can enrich method call traces with arbitrary data obtained from running application.

JMX support. As agent works in the same VM as application, it has access to all objects reachable from JMX, not only directly visible serializable JMX attributes. it can descend into object graphs using arbitrary methods. Agent can present via JMX method calls statistics collected by Spy or arbitrary objects from application itself.

Simplicity. Zorka does not require dedicated collector server. Existing monitoring infrastructure can be used (if needed), method call traces are stored and managed on application server local filesystem. Simple standalone viewer for trace analysis is provided.

Open source. Zorka is the first open source JVM monitoring agent with bytecode instrumentation and fully functional method call tracer suitable for production environments.

See Zorka GitHub Page for code and documentation. Commercial support (incl. dedicated development of custom extensions), specialized solutions and consulting services will be available soon.